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Dr. P’s virtual library of info about dog training & behavior

Dr P has been collecting information for close to 10 years. Here you can find a wealth of information about dogs and behavior. Some is scientific some is based on superstition. None the less it is a very helpful training site.

Articles of Interest and Assistance 
Obedience This is a POWER POINT PRESENTATION. There is some information posted but it is still under construction. The “Heel” and “Sit” are discussed. More to come.

Agility Exercise is a very important part of your dog’s life. With some PVC pipe and small plastic boxes you can make a small portable jumps to exercise your dog.

Schedules of Reinforcement This refers to when the dog receives its reinforcement. Trainers who do not understand this application end up with dogs that will not perform unless the owner has a treat. The behaviors are not reliable or consistent. This article will help you better understand its application.

How did my dog know that? Animals are masters of body language. Your dog will learn behaviors you exhibit without your knowledge that signal it to exhibit a behavior. Clever Hans a horse first brought this to our attention.

Dog training is mostly the application of Operant Conditioning. This article provides you operant conditioning terms.

Prompting and Fading A prompt can be anything that signals the dog it is to perform a task. When first teaching a behavior the dog may learn several prompts, but through the use of fading all but desired prompts are removed.

Dealing With Fear and Anxiety Dogs have these problems as well. Punishment for behavior when the dog is afraid only increases the problem. When dealing with these problems aggressive outburst can occur. It is very important to work with a professional who has a clear understanding of behavior to help reduce and control these behaviors.

My Dog Doesn’t Bite The picture on this site is from one bite. Safety is the most important part of being a dog owner.

Calm – Confident – Safe The dog in this video a couple of weeks before could not have done this task. It would bark out of control and drag the owner. With instructions on how to handle the dog in this environment the owner became confident of her abilities. Both were able to be more calm. The dog still shows some desire to interact with strange dogs but it is going away. Notice how this owner exhibits safe handling acts others do not.