Service List


This initial onsite meeting allows us to meet in a setting familiar to the animal while addressing the immediate goals that the owner has for their pet as well as themselves.

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Functional Obedience

Includes teaching you how to teach the dog to the basic elements of

  • heel
  • sit
  • stay
  • come
  • Owner and Dog manners
  • Safety considerations

Agility and Confidence Course

jump 5
Competition Obedience

Behavioral Problems

  • Separation Anxiety Reduction
  • Aggressive Behaviors
  • Chasing Vehicles and Other Animals

Phone and Online Training and Consultations

Some issues pet owners encounter are simple and can be easily solved with guidance via email. Online training and consultation can help the owner achieve the desired results with out being charged the price of an onsite training session. Behaviors that can sometimes be handled via this training method are:

  • Separation Anxiety,
  • Fear and Phobic Behaviors of Inanimate Objects,
  • General Obedience,
  • Non-Aggressive Behaviors.

Why Private Lessons?


For most people, it is challenging to work all day, come home, get your dog and go to an obedience class that is sometimes half an hour or more away. Once you arrive for a one hour class, the student ratio is normally 6 to 1 if not greater. If you are paying 100 dollars for a six week class, you will receive, at most, a total of one hour of one-on-one training with the instructor by the end of the course. This kind of training is designed for general learning and not a specific dog or owner.

Private lessons provide you with the detailed instructions you need. You are able to set your specific goals. It is possible to reach some goals in 1-2 lessons. In After six weekly meetings with a dog that has no serious behavioral issues to address, you, the owner, should receive sufficient information to train your dog to respond while off the leash. By giving you the information and confidence needed to train your dog to work without a lease, you save money and time on going back to the second level of training.

Training by a Trainer

In some cases you may not be able to do the training yourself. In that case arrangements can be for a trainer to come to your house and train the dog.